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A bad day for Ron

On Monday I worked for Ron so that he could go on a halibut fishing in Ninilchick with 3 relatives and an old friend. All was well - a moderately busy day - when in walks Ron with a patch on his eye.

As the fishing came to a close, a compatriot yanked on his reel and the 3 lb sinker came flying in and hit Ron in the right eye while he was cleaning his glasses. The additional scary component of this incident is that Ron is dealing with 4 eye operations including fairly recent corneal transplants.

He called his doctor in Florida and he told Ron to keep it covered for a couple of days and see if there is some improvement. He also checked for an experienced doctor in Anchorage. The only one available is on vacation for 3 weeks.

This morning Ron felt that he his best course of action would be to get back to Florida. So he left by himself for a 7,000 mile one-eyed drive back to Florida pulling a 33 foot RV. He has years of RVing experience so it’s a little less scary than it sounds but it sure isn’t something we would look for it.

We wish him safe travels and good luck with his eye.