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A Messy Day

That’s a bit misleading. It was actually a gorgeous day but we were committed to dump the holding tanks. Here at Wildman’s, there is no sewer connection and no dump station. It’s an irritating issue but one we chose to deal with as we have water and electricity and they provide the space for the employees.

We had gotten a 10 gallon portable dump tank because there was NO way we were going to pull our RV to a dump station. We chose 10 gallons because any bigger and it wound be too heavy to lift and transport the 2 miles down the road.

The black water tank was our biggest concern as you may guess. After a bit over-filling (there’s no gauge) on the first try with gray water, we were ready to give the black water a try. It actually isn’t as yucky as it sounds. The additive that we use in the black water tank very effectively removes the odor completely. It still isn’t pleasant to task but someone has to do it. The biggest challenge is that it’s a 45 gallon tank - meaning 4.5 tanks of the stuff.

Fortunately it wasn’t quite full and we managed to get by with 3 trips. This whole process is being done because we would have to have someone drive from Soldotna monthly to pump our tanks. This may not be easier but it is certainly much more economical.

We labored many hours as you can imagine and took one of those wonderful, clean relaxing showers mentioned earlier! As Maureen was in the shower she realized that Greg and Gwenan should be home from work and we could call to wish Vera a happy first also dawned on us it is a 2 hour time difference! It was not necessarily a bad thing since she missed her pm nap and had a little melt down. Happy Birthday Vera, I remember being lucky enough to be there when we welcomed you to the family and suspect you look a bit different a year after this picture.
Naturally, no pictures of the Sewer was not always a successful transfer to the portable dump images are necessary!