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Almost WiFi

On Monday, we started by getting our holding tanks pumped. That turned into an adventure because ours was the first of the season and was the first with a new truck. The suction from the truck pump was so strong that is pulled the hose connection right off the RV, dumpimg a few gallons of black water (guess what that really is) under and next to the RV. After a couple of tries, the problem was resolved and we were left with a bit of a mess to clean up.

We drove down to Soldotna to get a wireless router and a few other goodies. Ron (our neighbor and co-worker) joined us.

First we went to a nursery so that Maureen could get a few things. We walked out with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, green onions and leeks. We’ll be testing the effects of long hours of daylight on a garden. The nights are still getting quite cold (30° F). We have access to a green house and will be taking advantage of that soon.

We then went to Fred Myers - a huge everything store - to get a wireless router and some groceries. We got a Linksys/Cisco N Ultra Range Plus router that should be great for the store area and a bit beyond. We actually ran into the lady that pumped our holding tanks. She said that her day continued to be a challenge.

Then we headed back to Cooper Landing. During the evening we opted to catch up on some laundry. We used the heavy duty washer to take care of our large load and started playing some cribbage. Soon we were joined by some locals and enjoyed some fun and colorful conversations. Here is a bit of the table....with a very recognizable Apple. We are going to do an entry about the store so we will show you more pics of Wildman’s.

The new heavy duty washer caused us a bit of a challenge. The spin cycle was stopped short and the clothes were dripping wet. We divided the load into 2 and placed half in a standard washer. The heavy duty washer failed again. Since the store was closing, we had to sleep with no sheets. No biggy though.

BTW. I was quite stiff from the softball practice. Talk about conditioning issues.

On Tuesday, I got up a bit early to let out Angus. When I looked past the RV, I saw a bald eagle on top of a tree looking around. It is so impressive. I got Maureen up to get some pictures. You can see some of her efforts here.
I did try to video the eagle, but the shots we’re too good due to the brightness of the background. I think that if i had remembered my telephoto attachment, I would have had some success.

I decided to try to install the router. After a bit of frustration, I was able to get it going and get on to the internet. After a bit of experimentation, I found that the range was a bit short of our RV. We’ll solve that with a signal repeater of some variety. However the show stopper for the day was that it exposed Wildman’s files to anyone that connected. So I shut off the router and brought it back “home” to configure security.

This morning I did the security configuration that is most of what we need. We’ll be able to connect later today and upload this update. Having WiFi here will be a large improvement over driving the 45 miles to Soldotna to maintain the journal and do any serious internet activity. I’ll get a decent repeater on order as well.

Tomorrow, with any luck, we’ll start doing some local exploring. We’ll start by strolling up the Russian River Walk to the Russian River Falls. My cousin, Doug Bangs lived in Soldotna and helped with building the walkway along the Russian River to Russian Lake, so before Friday (a work day) and heavy tourist weekend (Memorial Weekend). When the season starts, they will begin an $11 fee just to stroll on it. This where we’ll start seeing the salmon making their annual trek upstream to spawn in a couple of weeks.

We haven’t had any personal wildlife sightings other than the eagles. There have been many mentioned at the store, however. Along with moose and brown bear, Cheryl spotted a black bear on Monday. It was strolling along the Sterling Highway about 8 miles west of here.

Once we resolve the wireless issue, the only frustration remaining will be the lack of a sewer connection. It’s not great having to depend on a service to come and pump our tanks at $45 a shot. An adequate solution will be a dump tank. We will get one to take care of the dumping situation. We’ll get a 15 gallon tank (which can get very heavy) and bring the tank down the road a bit to a free dump station. I think we’ll have to dump once or twice a week but the flexibility will be a relief.

We are getting geared up for the first big weekend here as this is the first weekend that everyone wants to get out on the road and begin their summer. It will be quite a challenge as it is only a 2 lane road and there will a considerable number of campers going both directions.