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Back to the Kenai Fjords

Since one of the highlights of a Kenai Peninsula visit is a tour of the Kenai Fjord National Park, we returned to share it with Fred. This time we chose a 6 hour wildlife focussed tour that included a dinner on Fox Island.

This tour was with Kenai Fjords Tours. We agreed that the longer tour was more spectacular as we really enjoyed the glaciers. But this experience was excellent as well. Since we had been on an all day tour, and obviously, you get to see much more, we hungered for a longer trip. These are experiences are a once in a lifetime and you just do not want them to end.

We did see many animals including whales, sea lions, birds of all sorts and Puffins.....and Luke when asked if he knew what Puffins were answered “sure I know we get that cereal”! He also called one day and left a message...”hello, this is Luke 765-753-9467 call me and let me know what you are doing tomorrow. Love, Luke”

The grandkids are awesome following the trip and it is such a kick to be able to post pics for them to enjoy as much as for their parents. Poirier, George named our vehicles for us....the big red Ram 3500 dually is Mater and the 5th wheel is Big Bessy.....he is usually wondering what we have seen.....he loves to hear things like.....we had moose running next to the car...or we saw a bear biting the bumpers of cars. You can hear Ellie and Sammie just speechless when they hear a story and so excited. They are going to be able to experience it first hand! Izabel, Bridget and Abigail listen with rapt attention to our stories and we think it got them excited for their trip which we are excited to hear about as well as see their vacation pictures.

Words aren’t going to add to this experience so please enjoy the (soon to be added) accompanying photos.