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Fred arrives

We drove 120 miles to Anchorage to pick up Fred Rounds (a friend of Aunt Pat’s) from Cranston, RI. We took advantage of the trip to take care of a few things which had to be done there. Of course, to be consistent, Frontier was 3 hours late and we ended up getting back at 1:30AM. This was the first time we drove in the almost dark of Alaska.

But there is ALWAYS an opportunity for a picture. Check out the Dall Sheep we saw on the side of the road on Turnagain Pass. (Captain Cook had to turn around again while exploring as there is no outlet......ergo the name)

We took advantage of our visit to Anchorage by getting our truck serviced. An oil and filter change was certainly required and we discovered that a differential inspection was due as part of the service outline. We bit the bullet since our Ram 3500 has an upcoming return trip and we want everything perfect for the 3-4,000 mile trek home.

We also used this opportunity to make the necessary Costco stop and other Anchorage only visits. Fred arrived at 10PM and we started back to Cooper Landing after hunting down a McDonald’s for Fred’s late night meal.

Even with the late night drive, we still had some constructions delays along the Seward highway. They had lights installed so that the construction could continue 24 hours a day. Many of these workers actually stop by Wildman’s for showers, snacks and other necessities.

As mentioned, we arrived back at our RV at 1:30AM and quickly went to bed. Fred set up quarters in the living room which had a comfy sofa bed with an inflatable air mattress.