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Jon and Kim

Jon and Kim showed up in a 1973 Dodge Camper Van on the Thursday. We spent the evening sharing our recent history and welcoming Jon back from Iraq. It was great to see John and meet Kim. Both Kim and Jon have Alaska roots and actually knew each other in high school in Kodiak. We also had a fun conversation about the retirement of Sarah Palin. Kim actually knew her when she worked in Juneau and had some first hand perspective.

We BBQ’d an hours old salmon and truly enjoyed the evening. We later went for a ride to the Russian River Ferry and to the Skilak Overview on the Skilak Lake Road. As we looked out at the lake, we could see a wide run-off of water entering the lake. Later we learned that the run-off is a result of a break of a glacial dam that was holding back a large pool of water. As the water arrives to the lake, there are serious concerns about downstream flooding.

Downstream flooding includes the towns west of us - Sterling and Soldotna. It won’t be overly serious but it’s intriguing.

Maureen and I had to work on Friday and Saturday. Jon and Kim went to Sterling to see some of Kim’s old friends. They returned that evening with king crab legs in hand and we “suffered” through another meal and had great evening again.

While sitting at the infamous Conservative (or testosterone - as Maureen calls it) Round Table in Wildman’s, I put Jon’s Obama action figure in the middle. There was a great good-humored hew and cry and I had to protect the package with my body before it was defamed. It was a great laugh and Jon got it back intact.

They headed back to Anchorage and Wasilla later that morning. It was great company.