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Opening day of fishing season!

Fishing season started at 12:01 AM this morning. And the fanatics had arrived to take advantage. Yesterday, the driving crew (Rudy, Pat, Ron and George) delivered 16 milk shakes to the folks that run the Kenai/Russian River Ferry. We did this so that they could become acquainted with us and help facilitate the shuttle process when business exploded.

The foreman of the crew described what the salmon fishing looked like. Fighting was common, even to the point that an occasional gun would be drawn. People would show up late in the afternoon and be ferried to the island. He is certain that one of these times there would be bodies strewn about by the brown bears that are there for the fish. It hasn’t happened yet and he said it with a glint in his eyes. Actually it was a kick talking to these guys because they were all absolutely loving the experience and the season hadn’t even started.

The Russian River Ferry has no motor but through the use of pulley’s
and proper harnessing the power of the current the fishermen are transported to the other side of the Kenai River where they can fish both the Kenai and Russian Rivers.

Fishing was well under way when we showed up at 2 PM this afternoon. Our words can’t effectively impart the excitement, impact and enthusiasm that existed on the Kenai.

Please look through the pictures and videos to share the salmon fishing experience here in Cooper Landing. It is wonderful. This shoulder to shoulder fishing is commonly called “combat fishing”. This is only the first day, can you imagine what it will look like when the tourists arrive en mass?

People take any kind of floating device just to be on the river and opening day is no exception! And no one is left behind neither young, old, man, woman nor 4 legged friend.

Oh, she is reeling in a huge one! Going to be good fixin’s at her house tonight.....oh wait....she seems to have caught the man 3 down from herself!!

And so goes the first day of fishing on the Kenai Peninsula 2009.