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Our last Saturday

Work day. Was hoping for easy shuttle day but that didn’t happen. Rudy was unable to drive and Pat was only available in the AM and he had to take some couple, 2 bikes and 2 dogs to Cooper Lake - 12 miles of dirt road. Bill had an all day cab to Seward. We ended the day using 8 different drivers. We found it amazing that we moved 3 Honda Pilots and parked them all next to each other at Jim’s Landing. It turned out to be too amazing! Cheryle got a call at 11 PM that 2 of the 3 should have been at Upper Skilak. She and Denny had to do a break in on 1 of them and then get them up there as quickly as possible. I thought that 28 out of 30 was pretty damned good though,

Maureen had a very busy day as well. She had to deal with a testy knee and a sensitive back however.

We chose to celebrate our last Saturday at Princess. It was a good decision.