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Solstice in Moose Pass

After a day of shuttling, we had Limo duty for the Moose Pass Solstice Festival.

We drove 17 miles east (towards Seward) to Moose Pass to be available to the attendees in case of intoxication or other any other reason. The schedule was 6-10 and we arrived ready and waiting. The festival consisted of several booths, food (including salmon burgers), drink (lots of beer and soft drinks) and a music stage that, in the course of the day, had 6 bands.

We wondered around the site enjoying the music, the booths, and, most of all, the people. We also wandered across the street to watch a float plane take-off. We finally opted to sit down and listened to the bands. Most enjoyable, however, were the people. There were some really fun characters to watch and try to figure out the conversations. Have you ever just sat around and watched people dance? Entertaining isn’t it?

We didn’t have any Limo service takers until 9:50. Sean came over to us with Virgil to see if we were up for a drive to Mile Marker 20. It was conditional though. Virgil wanted to have his nephew and others join us for the ride and then return to the Trail Lake Lodge in Moose Pass. By the time they piled into the lime, there were 7 truly fun folks. We seldom stopped laughing for the entire round trip. This was all because the nephew “needed” a ride in the limo. We had a great time and continued to learn still more about Alaska.

When we returned to Moose pass, we got four additional passengers. Two were from the Sunrise, a lodge, cafe and restaurant, in Cooper Landing. The other two from the Alaska Wildlands rafting and adventure company at milepost 50 in Cooper Landing on the Kenai River. Coincidentally, we had met this couple John and Erin on our first walk to the Russian River.....remember us mentioning them?

We also learned about Cordova, AK. It’s a small town east of Whittier accessible by ferry or plane. It sounds gorgeous (when the sun shines). Unfortunately that happens less than you would like. Jerry (Wildman) had a 90 day job there and saw 3 days of sunshine. We had to put it on our to do list because of their glowing and enthusiastic recommendations. With the rain forests and the glaciers, it sounds like an incredible place. Virgil’s family said they do not like visitors but would take great care of us since we took good care of them and loved the limo ride. As mentioned they laughed and joked the entire trip saying the biggest deal for them is riding an escalator when they go to Anchorage! The young boy said to beat the limo ride next year they have to go on a blimp ride.

This is Mike who acted as the Beer Policeman at the event keeping people honest by checking ID’s and helping out those who helped themselves to too much beer. We learned just recently (it is now July 21 and the Solstice was June 20) when we went back to Moose Pass for supper, and told Mike we had this picture that he works at The Princess Lodge up the road 2 miles and that our friend and neighbor, John is his boss.

Sky on the Solstice on our ride back to Cooper Landing.......enough said!