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Visiting Some Neighbors

We went up to visit Don and Jo Cox today and had a great time. Don is a frequent Wildman’s visitor and invited us up to meet Jo and to spend some time with them socializing and doing computer training. He is usually the first customer on the weekend and has taught me to make a Latte and even drank the first few and smiled. He also starts us out with a tip...nice way to start the day.

Don and Jo live in a beautiful home up near the Kenai Princess Lodge which overlooks the Kenai River. The living room faces the river and is floor to ceiling windows, capturing the magnificent view as you sit and relax and chat. You can get a bit of an idea of the window as you look at the picture of their friend Evie who is completely intimidated by my camera!

Don has spent several tours in Antarctica as an Electronic Engineering Consultant and is a long time Alaska resident. Jo has an art degree and still does awesome work in a variety of mediums. Their home is adorned with Jo’s work and it is beautifully displayed. We had a great visit and truly enjoyed their company. And what a house!

Maureen had to break out her nursing skills. It turns out that Don had gouged his leg with a chain saw. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds but certainly worth of attention. Just as Maureen started her magic, Evie (a friend of theirs and also a nurse) showed up. She had access to the appropriate bandages and goop and together they patched up Don’s wound.

Evie’s friend Robb also popped by. He is up for a spot in the Ididerod Race in a couple of years and has 26 dogs to get trained and ready.