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Day 10 - to Everett, WA

Back to the US. We left Spences Bridge at 9:30 headed to Washington. The towns started appearing closer together and the traffic increased as we approached the border.

We merged onto Route 1, a six lane highway, and Sumas, WA was quickly approaching. It was pleasantly warm and sunny when we crossed into Washington and stopped in Sumas for a late and delicious lunch. Actually the crossing was very low key and pleasant. It was a far cry from the crossings we experienced in 2004. The entrance t the US both in Alaska and Washington were very confrontational. This time they were very relaxed.

The agriculture that we saw as we progressed south on Route 5 was impressive and made us anxious to unhook and visit a fruit and vegetable stand. We never had the chance to do that but our intensions were strong.

We continued to Everett, WA and found a fairly decent campground that was our first is a real city for 6 months. We unhooked and wandered around. It was a very pleasant stop that included a terrific Thai meal.

Angus has been doing real well but we aren't able to give him the exercize that he (and we) should be doing. We plan on staying near Medford, OR for a couple of days and we will get caught up a bit.