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Day 11 - to Salem, OR

A little state capital tour today. We got going reasonably early but not so that we would have to deal with ugly Seattle traffic. Today would take us through Olympia, WA (capital of Washington) and end up in Salem, OR (Oregon's capital).

The drive was easy and we arrived at our destination at 3:30. The place was meticulous and pleasant. It was tempting to stay an extra day but there were too many rules to be able to relax and enjoy when you have a pet.

We drove around town and it was beautiful. We went through the capital district and were favorably impressed.

The Oregon cost got a tsunami warning due to the earthquake in Samoa. Oregon really has it's act together and took the warning seriously. They were struck seriously in 1964 from the Alaska earthquake. Although the tsunami was trivial (and expected to be small), the citizens took it as an opportunity to test their procedures. It was great to see this positive approach.

The manager that checked us in at the park had been a mandolin saleswoman for a division of Gibson. One of her favorite clients was the owner of the guitar store in Colorado Springs.