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Day 21 - to Colorado Springs

Home - here we come. We got an early start because we were a bit concerned with mid-day snow on Vail Pass and Eisenhower Tunnel. We’ve made this drive many times and knew the lay of the land.

I70 follows the Colorado River from Grand Junction until just past Glenwood Springs. The highway through Glenwood is one of the most beautiful road engineering feats in the country. It winds along the Colorado through rock outcroppings across the river from a railway bed. This entire Glenwood Springs stretch is through a canyon of steep rock walls that makes towing a large RV a little more intense. Of course the construction (road improvements) didn’t help with the relaxation.

In about 20 miles, we are out of the canyon and driving along the high country plains with Vail Pass looming ahead of us. The climbing soon started and the Ram didn’t let us down. We crossed the Pass (10,662) with no snow encountered. The next challenge was Eisenhower 15 miles ahead. Again we climbed to 11,158 to one of the highest vehicular tunnels in the world. At 1.7 miles, it is also the longest interstate tunnel in the country.

We headed down from the Tunnel and were past due for a break. We made a decision to stop in Georgetown at the base of the steep drop from the peak. It actually was a mistake because the brakes, at this point, were not in condition to bring us to a pleasant stop without a bit of a challenge. We struggled to a stop and by the time we pulled into a rest area, the front brakes were seriously smoking. It would have been a bit smarter to have proceeded on to a more level stop, but we took some extra time to walk Angus and let the brakes cool.

The remainder of the journey was uneventful and we pulled onto Reveille at 4 PM. We parked in the cul-de-sac and walked up to the house. It was good to be home but sad to end our adventure. We backed the RV down to the parking area without a problem. When we had last tried this, we turned it over to Dimas to complete the task.

Actually Angus was the most excited about being home. He finally had a place to roam to his heart’s content. And he did. In fact, it takes a lot to convince him to come into the house. We were glad to be home but it took a little while to start the adjustment process.

We’re sure that the desired to get back on the road will hit us again pretty soon. We never did come close to feeling cramped or frustrated with the relatively cramped space. Of course a lot of that was because we were so thoroughly enjoying our lives in Cooper Landing and especially Wildman’s.

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