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Day 3 - to Whitehorse

We chose to make an easy 97 mile drive from Hanes Junction to Whitehorse, Yukon. We did this because Whitehorse is a vibrant city as well as the Capital of the Yukon. The weather was cloudy with the temperatures finally reaching the low 50s when we arrived.

We stopped at a nice RV park (High Country RV Park) that was closed on our way up north. In fact they are in the process of preparing to close for the season on Thursday. Around the property they have many vehicles that are reminents of WWII which were used to build the Alaska (AlCan) Highway.

The drive was very pleasant after the long and challenging drive yesterday. The road is a bit rough but no big issues. We left Haines Junction around 11 AM and arrived at the RV park at 2:30. This time we disconnected the truck so that we could drive downtown and enjoy the city.

We returned to Sanchez Cantina for dinner. We had stopped there on our trip up because Geoffrey recommended it after enjoying it when he visited Whitehorse from Skagway. The owner and chef (a delightful Mexican woman) closes in December and returns to Mexico until until February. She brings back authentic ingredients to ensure authenticity.

When taking our order, she greeted us with a big smie as she remembered us stopping on our way up to Alaska. She even remembered that Geoff had recommended that we stop and enjoy a truly authentic Mexican dinner and Margarita.

As you can see with the pic of her neice (her only help that day) working on an order, the kitchen is amazingly small. The picture reflects one half of the kitchen! It is not much bigger than we have in the RV and she and her neice produce some awesome dishes.

We returned to relax and enjoy TV and WiFi for the evening. Maureen made pickles from the 2 14 inch cucumbers she grew in John and Carries greenhouse as well as well as 4 variets of macaroni and potato salad to have for lunches while traveing. Pretty good for such a small kitchen! No pictures, though.

We’ll be headed to Watson Lake tomorrow. This is the town famous for the Sign Forest. Should be able to see a few more signs as they will not be buried under 5 feet of snow.

Told George that I still think Heather is having a girl and she will weigh in at 9 # 6 oz and be 21 1/2" ......time will tell....