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Day 4 - Guess what - way too pleasant here

We chose to stay an extra day here in Whitehorse. We are enjoying the city, the RV park we are going to work on the journal, prepare some travel food, do some mid trip reorganizing (that Tok to Haines junction leg was a bit harsh on our storage process) oh, and just relax.

This is the third night we have camped next to a couple from Victoria, BC. They refurbish the inside of helicopters and have clients in Fort Collins and travel there frequently. Sounds like thy have nice bennies from the job as customers will come and pick them up and take them on a trip. The just got back from a bear viewing trip...we had wanted to do that also as it sounded awesome but it was $700 per person!!

Stayed two nights here in Whitehorse at High Country RV park which will be closing in on Thursday for the season. They had several vehicles on the property that were used in WWII to build the AlCan Highway which is now called the Alaska Highway. You see vehicles all along the route.

Weather is delightful and we seem to be doing well on the blog catch-up as well as organizing all that got jumbled on this leg of the trip. We have seen lots of evidence of "Termination Dust" all around us but as we get closer the the lower 48 the trees are greener. It appears that we will get to enjoy the season changing all the way back to Colorado and as well as experiencing the Aspen going through its fall show.