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Day 5 - to Watson Lake

What a wonderful drive. We departed Whitehorse at 9:45 and saw some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

The foliage was golden, the lakes crystal clear, clumps of clouds hugged the mountains. The only thing missing was the sun. Fortunately it was just cloudy and not rainy.

We're staying in a park (Downtown RV Park) within easy walking distance of the Sign Forest which we have visited several times and of course, we have lots of pictures which we posted at the beginning of the trip. We have to walk to the laundry room for WiFi access so that's a bit of a disappointment. Other than that it's a fine layover. We've left the truck connected to get a faster get-away.

We plan on hitting Prince George and Kamloops in BC and then Washington and Medford, OR so Maureen can meet Maureen. We will also stop in Gardnerville, NV for a visit to Peggy and Brian Palmer and family. Peggy is Maureen's cousin whose family brought Greg, Gwenan, George and Vera into their already large family and "took care" of them while they lived in Nevada.

Interesting tidbit. We have a "Hypertech" engine chip that can reprogram the engine to provide additional power and performance. We had it set to Stock until this morning. Remember the engine light problem at the beginning of the trip? We set it to "Stage 2" (out of 3) to implement a towing configuration.

Results: The truck felt better when climbing and cruising. Mileage went from 9.5 to 10 to 11.9 and climbing. Will leave it at "Stage 2" and publish the results.

Oh, Heather had a baby girl! Athena Gray Harrison weighed in at 9# 4oz. Maureen was one of the very few (or the only one in the baby pool) that said it would be a girl and just a few days ago came within 2 oz of the weight! Our best to the Harrison family. We are anxious to see a picture of the "little" one.