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Day 6 - to Fort Nelson

After spending a relaxing evening in an unexciting, but sufficient campground, we departed for Fort Nelson at 9:30. We had a few interesting sights and activities to look forward to on this leg. On the way up, we had faced some snow challenges that you may recall reading left us quite shaken. We also missed the Liard River Hot Springs that we had hope to visit.

The day quickly became perfect as we progressed southeast. Our first significant sight was some of the massive buffalo herd. The herd has grown so large over a 100+ mile stretch of the Alaska Highway that hunting is allowed with a local, but not necessarily licensed, guide....there were only 4 on our return trip.

Next was Liard Hot Springs. We had stopped there in 2004 but missed it on our way out due to the fact we were in a snowstorm that took all our concentration. Not this time though.......the park area is very well laid out and we were able to pull into the parking lot with the RV and take a pleasant walk to the large hot springs pool. It was absolutely perfect. The water was at a perfect temperature so we were able to stay submerged for 30+ minutes.

The temperature of the water ranges from 107-125 degrees and believe us you can feel it........30 minutes.....look at what it did to George! Just check out how cooked his head and arms look....his legs need about another 1/2hr. The air temperature this day was in the high 50's so it was quite comfortable even walking back to the RV.

From there we headed toward Muncho Lake and the first of the two significant passes that we would have to negotiate on this leg. We arrived at Lake Muncho and missed the Lodge where we intended to eat lunch. Once we passed it, there was no going back.... you cannot turn 60ish feet of truck and RV on a dime just to get lunch.. When we encountered the lake on our way up to Alaska, it was entirely frozen. Now it is an incredible greenish blue typical of glacier-fed lakes.

(OK on 3 everyone scatter....1...2...3...) The next stop was lunch and a bit of fuel for old times sake at Toad River Lodge. We had stopped here and got fuel after going over the upcoming two snow covered passes. This time the passes were going to be fine but we had to reward the Lodge for being there for us on our way up. It sure had been an invaluable stop.

The two passes exceeded 4,000 feet each and were spectacular. On the way up the first, we encountered a small group of mountain sheep and, soon after, three caribou. The aspen/birch trees were completely gold and stunning. The truck with it's load of a 38' RV negotiated the passes without an issue. It is amazing.

The first pass was topped with a beatiful small lake appropriately named Summit Lake. On the way up, this was where we ran into the snow covered road that really tested us. This time it was a pleasant and beautiful experience. The second summit was soon after the first with more spectacular views and scenery. We were glad to get them behind us even though there weren't weather challenged.

From that point on, it was easy sailing to Fort Nelson and the West Side RV Park. We had stayed there for 2 nights to recover from our storm experiences on the way up. This time we stayed hooked up ready to leave. It is now under new management as of 9/1 and already there are improvements. A strange internet thing occured. Maureen got a strong WiFi signal and was able to use the internet with no problem. I was sitting 2 feet to her left and failed to connect. I moved into the kitchen and had a perfect connection. Seemed cosmic.