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Day 7 - to Chetwynd, BC

We got a 9 AM start this morning. This day would take us through Pink Mountain. This was the place that saved us on our way to Alaska as we were trying to survive a significant snow, sleet and wind storm that was raising havoc with travelers and totally exhausting and frightening us. Although they weren't totally open then, they were able to get us a spot with electricity (water was still frozen and no dump facility available yet) that allowed us to wait out the storm and to physically and mentally get ready to continue.

The two major events on this leg were that we stopped at Pink Mountain and we exited the Alaska Highway to the Peace Valley Route to Washington state. We checked out the RV Park to see it in a better light. It actually is very nice with sites in the woods and a comfortable, homey feeling. It was a bit disappointing not to see the same folks working as we wanted to thank them again for their hospitality. They were not at all prepared for campers but realized the danger of being on the road. As it turned out, a 5th wheel and another camper had slid off the road. Talk about a port in a storm..... After spending about 30 min wandering around the park, giving us and Angus a break, off we went.

We did stop to eat at Shepherd's Inn to check out a place that turned us away on or way up. The food was substantial. The restaurant was run by a religious order which made it strange that they would not accommodate us when we were relatively desparate....seems those Shepherds were not watching out over their flock!!

Just before we reached Fort St John, we diverted to route 29 which would take us on The Peace River Valley route. This took us on some significant climbs and decents that really challenged the Ram 3500 Dually but it never blinked. The scenery along the Peace River continued to amaze. We arrived in Cherwynd and the Westwind RV Park, a new, pleasant park.

Statistic.....we have now gone 1,700 Miles and are still considerably above the latitude of Edmonton. We are amazed at the length of BC.