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Day 8 - to Prince George

189 Miles - that's not very far. It was a tough day to get going. We woke up at 7:45 to a major wind/rain storm. No biggy. We weren't in any big rush though. The storm passed quickly though and we finally got on the road at 11 AM.

We did encountered way to much wind though and wind can be squirrelly when you're towing a 38 Ft flat service. We proceeded southwest and had to deal with another mountain pass. We've had our fill of those. We believe that we are done with them until we get to Colorado.

The drive was a bit of a challenge, mainly because we're worn out, but it was beautiful. There was a lot of agriculture for a change and it was nice to see fields of alfalfa. We did have to go over a mountain pass at 2500 feet that wasn't real challenging. The skies were steely gray with a few sprinkles. By the time we got to Prince George, the skies were sunny but the winds persisted.

We got to Prince George at 2:45 and were ready to call it a day. We drove 11 miles south of town and found a nice campground. Very pleasant site.

We drove back to town and had a great meal. Filled up the tank and are ready for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow. We will be getting on Route 1 heading west towards Vancouver. This will be a portion of the route we drove in 1965 so it should be really interesting.