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Day 9 - to Spences Bridge, BC

We left Prince George just after 9 AM. It was 30 degrees and the truck was covered with frost. The day was cloudless however.

Prince George had been a pleasant break and we were ready to be a bit more aggressive. The road was ideal and the traffic sparce so it was a pleasant start.

We are definitely getting into civilization. There were many more towns and a couple of good sized cities. But the most striking change was the appearance of many farms and ranches. The sight of tilled fields and pastures filled with horse and cattle and waving grass of deep green was a nice change.

We stopped for a break in Clinton, BC ti see if there are any Hillary memorials and then proceeded to Spences Bridge, a small town next to a small river. On the opposite bank, with no noice break, there is a very active rail bed. In the morning, we discovered that a 2nd set of tracks was on or side of the river and explained why we felt a vibrations and well as significant noise.

It reminds us of the time in 1965 that we camped 30 feet from the tracks in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Since this was in the plains of Canada, the trains were about a mile long and like to whistle hello to us.

We are now 142 miles from the Washington border at a town called Sumas. It will have been 5 1/2 months since we crossed into Canada on our way to Alaska.