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Getting ready - slowly but surely

Today we had to get serious about organizing and worked hard around the RV. We also went for a ride to Soldotna again to test the truck. (After about 10 miles the engine light came on again. Rats.)

It was a beautiful ride to Soldotna. We have made this trip at least 4 times a month and we never tired of it. For starters, it is a beautiful ride and you never know what you will see along the drive. We have seen bears ....moose ..."combat fishing" ... people floating down the river ...people fishing as they float down the river ...crazy fishermen who park anywhere along the road so they can get in the water to fish ...crazy people who stop in the middle of the road to run over to the side of the road to take a picture of a bear ...a bear on the edge of the river feasting on a salmon ........what's not to enjoy?

It seems fall is making a showing in Cooper Landing as it had when we were up "North" in Denali. It is magnificent and as we learned in the spring, one day you notice the season is starting and two weeks later the season has arrived in all its glory. Here is a sample of Cooper Landing from "the bridge" on our way back from our Soldotna trip. Cheryle and Jerry live in a lovely home on the right had side of the lake.....not a bad view, eh?? We can only imagine what the fireworks look like over the lake when they shoot them off on New Year's eve.

We also decided to wait till Friday to leave so that we could watch Hongye play in the Ping Pong tournament. She has a quiet confidence that promises an interesting exhibition.

After returning we went over to see Jerry to show him the pictures. He was very please — to say the least.