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Oil change for Ram

Today we had to get serious about getting ready to leave. Maureen also worked on Jerry's pictures and the Wildman's rack card. Things are looking good and we are getting organized.

In the evening, George ran over to see Ken to have him change the oil and the air filter. It takes 3 gallons of oil for this beast. On the way back "home", the dreaded engine light came on. Until spending the summer driving vehicles in Cooper Landing, the engine light would have been frightening. However after driving countless vehicles, 10% of these had engine lights on and 20% had the engine light or some other issue. We also learned that obscure issues could cause this scary indicator. Rudy told us that on his wife's Mercedes, a burned out tail light would cause the engine light to appear.

We called Ken and told him and we agreed that it was hard to fathom and he would look at it on Thursday. Out of curiosity, I went to the truck and reprogrammed the chip to set it back to stock settings instead of the "Stage 2" setting that we had been using for several weeks. Part of the reprogramming process is to reset the DTRs (error lights and other discovered issues. When the reprogramming was complete, the engine light went out and, after taking a short ride, the light was still out.

At this point I changed it back to Stage 2 and went for another test drive with the same results. So far, so good.