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Our first day of departure

We went to the Wildman's to enjoy the round table (or as Maureen calls it....the Testerone Table or T2 ....actually, a wonderfu, colorful, memorable part of the Wildman experience) and then headed to Soldotna. We opted for the Skilak Lake route (it can be an incredibly dusty road when there has been no rain for many days and quite unpleasant for the shuttle team when transporting vehicles to Upper and Lower Skilak desinations) and since the day was magnificent and the brilliant sunshine guaranteed some spectacular views. It didn't disappoint. The sight of Mt Redoubt 100 miles away at Mile 7 on the road was magnificent. After ettingt some Canadian currency and topping off the tank and headed back to finish off our departure preparations.

Jerry called (he had called several times but misssed us as there are many areas where you cannot get a cell between Soldotna and Cooper Landing) to invite us to taco night. We again had a great time with more fun stories with Jerry, Cheryle and Pat. We couldn't leave without a few pictures....

It was 8:30 and we had a date to go to Kingfisher with Hongye. When we arrived, everyone heard about her win from Dominic and wanted to play Table Tennis with her on the table that Dominic had set up on the deck. (The one we wished we knew about....actually, he told us he has it set up in the spring before the fishing season starts and then takes it down as they need the room for dining tables and they set it up again in the fall) Maureen volleyed with her for a few min (great fun) before she had to relinquish the spot to a guy that needed his Table Tennis clock cleaned.

After the meal, George walked home and Hongye and Maureen stayed as people wanted to play with Hongye. We had planned to leave today but put it off again untill Saturday and it was well worth the delay as we had a wonderful evening.

We also will get to see the Saturday crowd (usually the largest group around the T2 table) so we can say good bye once again.