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Some interior pictures

Here are a few picture to provide a glimpse of the Bighorn interior. Please check the Movies for a short tour.

The kitchen (on the left), has a convection/microwave oven as well as a conventional oven. There is a refridgerator with a freezer as well as a small pantry.

One of the features to pay attention to is the storage space. On our 5 week trek back east, we probably used 50% of the available space and we even then, we were inefficient.

The bedroom, on the right, has a king size bed and a walk-in closet. There is a plethora of storage space in the closet as well as drawers and cabinet space at the foot of the bed.

The bathroom has a vanity, a shower and a toilet. Although a bit small, it is highly satisfactory.

To see the living area, please check out the video tour. As you can see, despite a reduced space, the Bighorn is comfortable and roomy. We never felt confined throughout our entire 5 week trek this past fall.

Another key consideration is that we spend an immense amount of time outside. How could we not when you are stopping in the greatest locations in North America?
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