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Shake-down Cruise Time

Greg, Gwenan, George (4) and Vera (9 mo) moved backed to Colorado and we decided to take an RV shake-down trip to Golden to help them get settled in their new home. We chose a park called Golden Terrace because it was a choice in our camping club - $15 a night. The whole campground was paved and was so cramped that we had to worry that the slides wouldn’t collide with the next door camper.

It was a 4 night stay and we would spend the majority of the time with G, G, G and V so not a big deal. We did have an overnight guest (George) one night and had a blast. We also entertained them on Monday night. Maureen invited them for an evening meal and decided on some Italian Hot Sausage grinders.

We did a bunch of running around to find some RV stuff including a generator and stopped for groceries around 4. We got back to the RV and Maureen started cooking. That was when Maureen discovered that she had 1 small pot for cooking and a tiny fry pan. Check the size of them compared to a spoon! Undaunted, she creatively prepared a superb meal of Caesar and baked Grinders with Sausage, grilled peppers, grilled onions, marinara and melted cheese.

Her ingenuity reminded me of the time that I went to the Broncos - NE game with Ed Dussourd. We were tailgating - again cooking sausage. Some friends of Ed showed up with peppers and onions to cook and no pot. Mike chugged a Coors, grabbed a hunting knife and cut a hole in the side. He then put the goodies in the can and put it on the grill. Voila - sausage, onions and peppers sandwich.
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