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A few goodies

Pictures coming soon.

  • We got the bikes loaded with an great bike rack that attached to the ladder. We also got an awesome bike cover that really does an incredible job - at least while it’s parked.
  • We replaced the tailgate with a louvered, v-shaped, more fuel friendly tailgate. I suspect that we wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t crunched the original with a little trailer-hitch mess-up.
  • We got a Hypertech Diesel Tuner to improve the performance of the Dodge Ram. We certainly have no complaints as it is, but after checking with others, the consensus was that these tuning devices are amazing. This one connects to the computer connector located under the dash. The power and mileage improvements are supposed to be significant. We’ll keep you posted.
  • Last but not least, we got a wireless tire pressure monitor. The damage that can be done by the failure of RV tires can be unpleasant. It can really tear up important components that are beneath the RV bed.
  • We’ll include feedback on these car-toys as we progress.
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