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Time to Try the Parking Area

We returned to the Springs to test out the new parking spot. We pulled into the cul-de-sac and Dimas came out to help with the backing. It’s about a 150 yards to the parking area. He helped the best way I know - he did it. It was the first time he had backed the 5th wheel - almost all blind. He backed all the way to the drive in without a glitch. Then, after surveying the area, parked with no problem.

We did have a bit of a scare as we were unhooking. After looking like all was ready, I unhooked the hitch before the wheel chucks were in place. The RV rolled about 18“ with Maureen between the truck and the RV - getting the chucks. She dove out of the way, banging her knees. The RV came down on the tailgate. damaging it pretty badly. We’ll have to replace it with a louvered tailgate before we leave. It actually closes and works but a louvered gate will be good for ascetics and fuel efficiency.

With that behind us, we have begun the serious Alaska preparation.
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