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An inch of snow?

Sorry - we meant 12”. Too much is enough. It’s still coming down fairly hard. Should be coming to an end soon and will warm up to 40 but this is still sucky. We had already determined that it was unlikely that we could leave, but we sure didn’t anticipate this much snow. So we’ll do some organizing and shoveling. We’ll be ready. It’s 11 PM now and we can see the stars.

We ended up with about a foot of wet, slushy snow. It’s very well appreciated moisture but the timing is horrible. North of us (like 8 miles) was drizzle. In fact the Rockies played the Phillies at Coors Field in Denver with a bit of drizzle but no delays. Palmer Divide (our area in Colorado Springs) is infamous for snow. It came through again.

Please note the bike rack and cover. Really well done.

The snow was incredibly heavy. Look at the branches.

We’ll have to remove the snow from the slides in the AM. Dimas is out of town on a job but Ken took over for D and not only plowed the driveways, street but plowed around the RV for us!

We're ready but...

... the weather is going to be a pain. After a ton of effort over the last few days, the RV is loaded and organized and the house is spotless. It looks like we’ll delay until Monday.

We had a very fortuitous delay. Dimas contacted us on Monday and told us that a friend of his was looking for an apartment. After a bit of negotiations, we have a tenant for the summer! Mary and Ken are moving into the downstairs mother-in-law apartment even as we speak. We’re really psyched because now the house will be occupied while we travel. They are also going to do some tasks around the house while we’re gone.

So now we’ll just deal with the delay and get on the road on Monday.

A few goodies

Pictures coming soon.

  • We got the bikes loaded with an great bike rack that attached to the ladder. We also got an awesome bike cover that really does an incredible job - at least while it’s parked.
  • We replaced the tailgate with a louvered, v-shaped, more fuel friendly tailgate. I suspect that we wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t crunched the original with a little trailer-hitch mess-up.
  • We got a Hypertech Diesel Tuner to improve the performance of the Dodge Ram. We certainly have no complaints as it is, but after checking with others, the consensus was that these tuning devices are amazing. This one connects to the computer connector located under the dash. The power and mileage improvements are supposed to be significant. We’ll keep you posted.
  • Last but not least, we got a wireless tire pressure monitor. The damage that can be done by the failure of RV tires can be unpleasant. It can really tear up important components that are beneath the RV bed.
  • We’ll include feedback on these car-toys as we progress.

A Great Goodbye

We had a great send-off at Gwenan and Greg’s house today. All the grandkids gathered for a surprise goodbye for us.

The crowd hit the basement:

Matt with Izabel, Abagail and Bridget

Poirier boys - Luke, George and Liam

Doug, Catherine with Liam and Luke

Greg, Gwenan with Vera and George

Andi with Ellie and Sammie

Thankfully, with video chat using Skype and aMSN, we’ll be able to see the kids while we’re away. We had a blast.


Ouch - it was too nice too soon

It was too good to be true. We got slammed with about 18” of snow yesterday. I thought I’d better go down to the Bighorn to shovel around some of the areas to make sure it wouldn’t get too messy (muddy) where we had to work.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that Dimas had plowed around the entire RV. I didn’t have to lift 1 shovelful of snow. Not too shabby. Luckily I had closed up the RV prior to the storm to keep the snow odd the slides.

The weather doesn’t look too great for the next few days so we won’t do the final touches until the last week. We will move down some goodies though.