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2 Days in Anchorage

We decided to spend a couple of days “relaxing” in Anchorage. On Saturday, we did a little running around to do a bit of shopping as it seemed to be a good idea to stock up on some of the basics.

Some observations:
For the most part, the prices of groceries and miscellaneous goodies from Target, Barnes and Nobel and other chains are very comparable to those in Colorado Springs. The price of diesel - not so much. We paid $3.29 per gallon yesterday. We paid about $2.19 in CS when we left. Surprisingly restaurant meal have been very competitive as well - and they have no sales tax on food. We don’t expect this trend to hold for the Kenai Peninsula since it’s a bit remote. Canadian restaurants, however, did not follow suite as we were charged $40 + for an average breakfast one time of eggs, hash browns and bacon!

This morning, I took Angus for a 3.5 mile hike into the Russian Jack Spring Park. It was a glorious day at 68 degrees and a slight breeze. We actually went about a mile further than intended but a short-cut turned out to be a dead-end of a maze of trails in a strange forest. Instead of guessing the best trail, we retraced our steps to exit the park. Too many stories of curious grizzlies to take too many chances.

While Angus and I went on our trek, Maureen stayed behind organizing, yet again, the cabinets and basement trying to figure out the perfect solution to protect the contents in the RV from the potential hazard the road has in store for travelers. She took everything out of the cabinets and basement and rearranged all items in stackable containers we purchased at Target.

We have had too many “lessons learned” about drawers opening, items bouncing around, dishes breaking, tables breaking etc etc. Ah, a general consensus among other RVers is speed......they all told us to slow to 25 over the bad areas or permafrost heave areas. We have tried baby locks for cabinets but really needed our kids to install them as we failed when trying one on the pantry door. When we are settled in Cooper Landing we will give it another try.

After going to a wool store for Maureen’s new felting craft, we went to Barnes and Nobel to satisfy our book store habit. Got some great Kenai and Alaska books and maps as well as a new novel and some Mac magazines.

We returned to relax before embarking on a massive RV and truck washing task. It was a non-trivial exercise, taking us over 2 hours to wash both the RV and truck but thoroughly gratifying. Remember the pictures from Pink Mountain RV site? We have carried that dirt with us .....until right now, that is.

We won’t be embarrassed tooling down the road to Cooper Landing now.

We’ve actually decided to stay here until Tuesday. There are a few more things that we would like to get done before we embark and it sure is a nice break from driving.

Time for a refreshing reward for a long productive day.....’scuse us while we have a Margarita and put our feet up!