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Day 1 in Edmonton

We ran into a slight problem when we checked in. They haven’t turned the water on for the general population here at Glowing Embers. We “filled” the fresh water tank only to discover that it would only get to 2/3 full. This is a known design with a couple of work-arounds. It looked like we would have to tear down everything and do a refill on Monday.

There are many full-time RVers that have water, sewer and large propane tanks to deal with the cold winter. Alberta is booming because of oil fields and these are folks who are here for the well-paying jobs. In fact, the guy who sold us our RV sold 4 to folks from Alberta just 2 weeks ago.

Here are some pictures of Full-Timers. Note the permanence. Also note that one of these has even got a little business going on the side with the little signs advertising Windshield Repair. This also provides a tax deduction I’m sure.

The lifestyle is actually a very pleasant environment. I was walking Angus this morning and noticed that one of our neighbors had connected a LONG hose to a full-timer’s water and I asked if I could borrow the hose. He, of course, said sure and let me refill our tank. The full-timer came over and gave me a hand as well. We shared our air compressor with him. It was apparent he is a full-timer from the way he had his RV protected from the weather and he had not had access to a compressor as his tires were quite soft. Once filled he was a “happy camper” living level once again.

Shortly after that, a fellow who was driving by and saw that we were from Colorado and had to stop and BS for a while. He introduced himself as Bob and said had lived in Leadville for 15 years and stopped to reminisce. This brought our next door neighbor over and Maureen and I spent about 15 minutes talking about Rving goodies, Colorado (and the snow in Colorado Springs) and other fun topics. Most of the people we meet are well travelled and have interesting travel stories.

We then headed to West Edmonton Mall. But that takes an entry of it’s own.