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Day 1 in Edmonton - the WEM

After stopping by one of the many RV dealers to pick up a couple of things, we proceeded to the West Edmonton Mall. It was more overwhelming then I remembered. We chose the entrance to the Galaxyland Amusement Park (yes - in the mall). After passing through the doors, we were standing in the middle of a squirrelly, full-size roller-coaster. As the car passed over our heads, the noise was unbelievable. There were 2 or 3 serious rides that exceeded anything that I had ever been on in my entire life.

After leaving that section, we entered any area devoted to young kids. (Speaking of kids, our favorite business yet was in Great Falls, MT. It was called “Check a Kid” - a children’s day care.)

After stopping at the Red Piano Bistro for a Cajun lunch (has to be the most northern Cajun restaurant and it was good), we walked passed the hockey sized skating rink, we went to the T & T Grocery Market.

It is a full-sized Chinese market with everything you would expect from an incredible variety of foods as well as brands...... Peking duck!

With Maureen’s love of Oriental cooking, we spent about an hour getting a few items at incredibly reasonable prices.

George’s Olympus point and shoot camera has been a great asset as it can fit in a pocket and give you the luxury of capturing a “snap” discretely as opposed to Maureen’s camera which could never be misconstrued as a discrete object. However discrete it may have been, it was at the section where they were preparing food for the in-store buffet that Maureen got busted! As it turns out no pictures were allowed in the we got one more.