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Day of Relaxation in Billings

Rather than deal with the unpleasant weather, we chose to stay in Billings and do some organizing and relaxing. It also gave us some time to work on the Journal. There’s no question that Angus appreciated the break as well.

We spent a few days in Billings last year and had a less than spectacular impression of the city. Nothing we saw today changed the impression but we do like the Big Sky feel to the area.

With any luck, we will leave here at 10 AM tomorrow and get to Great Falls, MT tomorrow. There is a Charles M Russell museum in Great Falls. He was one of the best western artists. With any luck, we’ll get to see some of his famous works.

In the first picture, you see a glimpse of the Rear Living room (the RL in our Bighorn 3670RL). It’s really comfy and a bit cozy. The second picture is the Bighorn all set up.