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Leg 1 - We're Off! To Wheatland, WY

After completing the final touches (loading the fridge and freezer), doing some serious organizing and shoveling off the top of the slide, we were able to depart. Our objective was Wheatland, WY. This was a 225 mile leg but since we didn’t get on the road until 12:45, we chose to do somewhat less than our typical 300-350 mile leg.

We were further delayed because of a soft tire on the RV. Pumping up the tires to 110 PSI is a non-trivial task especially when you’re starting at 40 PSI. Our generator supplied the power to the compressor and, voila, we were back in motion in about 30 min.

When we left, the temperature was about 40 but within a half hour, as we approached Denver, it was up to about 60+ and remained there until we reached Wheatland. The drive was pleasant and uneventful and we arrived at 5:30 at a very nice RV park called Mountain View RV Park just off I25. We haven’t seen the mountain view, but the managers were pleasant and helpful. We have the prerequisites - WiFi and Cable TV as was electric, water and sewer. We had a pleasant, productive evening. While Maureen had a conference call, I got our Macs connected to external drives and the internet, We are now in business.

On the way, we did stop at Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop for lunch. That was fun because we drove past it almost daily back in 1967 when Maureen, Andi and I drove to Denver to visit newborn preemie Doug (2# 13oz at one time and he spent many weeks in Children’s Hospital in Denver). At the time, we lived in Loveland. We put on a few miles - it was about an 80 mile round trip.