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Leg 10 - to Whitehorse

We again got a reasonably early start from Watson Lake. Actually the only redeeming values in Watson Lake seemed to be the Sign Forest and the nice showers. Even the WiFi was silly because you had to be in the laundry room. I actually tried it for 10 minutes - more out of curiosity than any real expectation of getting things done.

We made an early stop in Nugget City, about 8 miles outside of Watson Lake and had breakfast. This was because of a recommendation in Milepost. While our breakfast was sizzling away, I asked Dave (the manager/cook/everything) how to pronounce Tlinglet (the name of the indigenous natives in the area). He proceeded to tell us an incredible history of the people and how they were so badly treated in Alaska by the Russians prior to the sale of Alaska to the US. He then raved about James Michener’s Alaska which we have brought with us.

The drive to Whitehorse was glorious. The sun was brilliant, the skies were cloudless (except for occasional contrails) and the scenery was amazing. We will soon be posting a few movies to help you appreciate what we’re experiencing.

I should mention the physical highway. So far it has been 99% perfect. We hit and avoided a few potholes and the much dreaded frost heaves have been non-existent. The passes got a bit narrow but even then, the highway was very well maintained. We do expect a bit of a change on the last 2 legs to Tok.

We arrived in Whitehorse and pulled into a totally functional RV Park/Motel. It did have excellent WiFi and a multitude of channels on its cable system. They even had a Detroit NBC station and 2 Seattle stations. Why Detroit? We used the great WiFi to call all the kids but it was too late to talk to the grandkids. We’ll get better at that in Alaska.

Another thing worth noting is that the sun is shining brightly at 9:30 PM. It starts to fade around 10 and total darkness hits around 10:45. It should be similar to what we’ll experience this summer in Cooper Landing. In fact, we’re expecting to see even more daylight.