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Leg 11 - to Burwash Landing

We woke up a little bit late but we planned a fairly relaxing day so we were fine. We intended to leave between 11 and 1 and head to Haines Junction and stay in the Kluane RV Park which was only 95 miles.

We called Geoffrey and, when we mentioned that we were in Whitehorse, he said that we had to go to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. With a little research, we found the name of the restaurant (Sanchez Cantina). What you see in the picture is almost the full kitchen in which they prepare the meals. This is the epitome of “hole in the wall” that turns out to be a hidden gem! If anyone is in Whitehorse this is a must!!

After wandering down by the Yukon River for exercise and photos, we went to the Cantina. Geoffrey had mentioned that it was more authentic than anything in the Boulder/Denver area and it absolutely was. I had delicious beef enchiladas with mole sauce and Maureen had Chili Rellenos stuffed with potatoes and cheese. They both were great.

We went back to the RV and packed up and took off. The ride to Haines Junctions was spectacular. With the spectacular views of the peaks of Kluane National Park constantly in view, we were visually entertained and amazed. Arriving at the Kluane RV Park at 3:30 and were hit with our first disappointment. The camp was unable to open because of the great amount of late snow they received. They were sure (and we agreed) that if anyone attempted to park in the slots, they would lmost definitely get stuck.

So it was onward to Burwash Landing - the next available campground. It was about 60 miles north and would shorten our next leg to Tok to a more comfortable drive.

This took us along Kluane Lake, a massive lake nestled among snow covered peaks. Kluane Lake is located in the southwest area of the Yukon. At approximately 400 square kilometres, and 70 kilometres long, it is the largest lake contained entirely within the territorial border. The Alaska Highway follows most of Kluane Lake's southern border, and the drive offers many spectacular views of the lake. The Yukon communities of Burwash Landing and Destruction Bay are located on the southern shore of the lake.

This also brought us to our first unpaved highway. There was a 5 mile stretch of excellent dirt road that barely slowed us down. We actually had to reduce our speed soon after leaving Whitehorse. We started encountering the dreaded frost heaves. They can cause havoc in the RV. We found that by dropping from 62 (100 KPH) to 55, the impact of the frost heave was minimized or eliminated.

Burwash Landing provided the less than bare-minimum power (15 Amps - like your home). However if you do more than plug in the computers, the breaker blows in the office. So we had to pass on the microwave / convection oven and use the gas stove.

The view is striking, however. This is out the rear view window of the rv. Not quite that of Kluane RV Park, but certainly the best we’ve had yet. They also only have WiFi in the lobby, which is by far the biggest issue. We had intended to stay an extra day in the area but we’re opting to go on to Tok tomorrow.

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