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Leg 2 - to Billings

We got a late start due to an Angus problem. He got ill during the night and woke me up at 3 to go out. He did his duty and came back in and I went back to sleep. At around 4:30, I heard the unmistakable sound of a dog throwing up. Maureen joined me to clean up 3 piles of barf. He went out again to have diarrhea. After an hour dealing with this, we returned to bed and woke up at 9:30. I took Angus for a walk and he had 2 more diarrhea incidents and 1 more serious barf. We’re sure that this reaction was due to over-indulgence of people food. He improved significantly during the trip to Billings.

Speaking of the drive to Billings... It was a bit aggressive since we left at 11:30. It was 385 miles. The drive was great until we got within 100 miles of Billings. The temperature dropped from 60 to 36 and it started raining. By the time we parked at 6:30, it was snowing. As a result, we were totally set up within 15 minutes.

On the way, Maureen made her driving debut. Although driving a big Dodge Ram 3500 and pulling a 38’ RV is intimidating, once you get behind the wheel, it is amazingly easy. Of course dealing with tricky rest stops and truck stops causes a bit of adrenalin. Maureen drove about 2 hours and was very comfortable.

We chose the Yellowstone River RV Park and Campground because several reviews were quite positive. We weren’t disappointed. It is very nice and has all the required facilities. The only issue was that it is still closed for the season. However, typical of RV parks, they left the connections (electric, water, cable and sewer) available and provided an envelope at the office for us to pay for the stay on the honor system.

Because of the weather, we will likely stay here a couple of days. It will be a pleasant respite because it will give us a chance to do some organizing.