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Leg 4 - to Balzac, AB, CA

There was a little smile on our faces when we departed Great Falls, MT heading north to Canada. We had heard on the news about the snowfall that was descending on Colorado Springs. Is there no letup for Palmer Divide?

We got on the road after a pleasant stay at Dick’s RV Park in Great Falls. The day was sunny,bright and there was a slight wind blowing in our faces. You can guess the impact of that on the mileage in high-profile vehicle. It was a pleasant drive, however.

This leg was a bit long, but we got an early enough start. Going through Customs at the border was easier than we anticipated. We stopped 800 ft prior to the crossing at a rest stop to have lunch and take a brief break. Then we proceeded to the Customs gate expecting a 1/2 hour process. There was no one in front of us and, after 10 or so questions from a very humorless border officer, we were on Canadian highways. We did have to present our passports but there were no questions about Angus. We had his health certificate and shot record available and are sure will be needed when we re-enter the US in Alaska.

Our next major problem was converting kilometers to miles and time. That’s a pleasant problem to have.

We passed through Lethbridge, which is a medium sized, neat city on either side of a deep canyon with a beautiful river. We then ticked off the kilometers to Calgary.

Our time calculations were a bit shaky since it put us into the Calgary 5:00 PM Friday traffic. It was a bit of a challenge with several quick stops and some rough roads. Calgary is a major city with the traffic and construction that you would expect. Our destination was a campground in a small town a few kilometers north of the city. We arrived at Balzac and Whispering Spruce RV Park at 6 PM.

The RV park was a bit of a challenge since the spot they gave us was about 42 feet long. Parking a 38 ft RV is a 42 ft spot is a pain at best. Additionally, the roads within the park were all recently dried mud and with the associated ruts. The quick stops and rough roads in Calgary and the rutty RV park meant that the contents of the RV were getting jostled around.

And they were. Maureen had to do a lot of cabinet door closing and moving of objects before opening the slides. We got all settled, albeit with nothing but electric and no WiFi - thus the delay in updates.