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Leg 5 - to Edmonton, AB, CA

We got off at 11 AM, the official check-out time, for a comfortable 179 mile drive to Edmonton. We were happy to get out of Whispering Spruce and on to Edmonton for a couple of days of relaxation. We have now gone 1,332 miles which is about 40% of our 3,369 mile trek.

We have seen many wide loads in our travels. But this one was intimidating. Think about the fact that we’re towing an RV that’s 13 ft high. We pulled way left - onto the rumble bumps - and managed to get by - barely.

We actually drove straight through to Glowing Embers RV Park, just west of Edmonton. The park is a vast improvement from last nights experience and we will stay here until Tuesday. That will give us a chance to go to the West Edmonton Mall. It’s the first of the massive malls, like the Great America Mall in Minneapolis. We’re not much for shopping, but when I visited this in 1986, I was amazed. It’s more that a shopping center, but that’s a tomorrow activity.

The stop will also give us a chance to restock a bit and get us ready for the leg to the beginning of the Alaska Highway (the AlCan). The kickoff for the Highway (Mile 0) is in Dawson Creek, BC which is 356 miles WNW of Edmonton. We will likely do it in 2 legs because the roads will be a bit rougher and the wind, of course, will be blowing in our face again. This only seems to happen when we are moving.