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Leg 6 - It's Dawson Creek!

We’re at Mile 0 in Dawson Creek. Also we are at mile 1,688 of 3,376 of the trip to Cooper Landing. Half way.

We left the Glowing Embers RV Park in Edmonton at 10:30 with only moderate expectations of getting to Dawson Creek, BC. It would mean a 357 mile drive, which is a bit over our daily objective.

The weather was perfect. There was no wind, no precipitation until we crossed in BC, the roads were great with a few bumpy exceptions and the opportunities for real sightseeing were essentially non-existent. This is not the best time of the year for scenery because the growing season is still around the corner. The temperature hovered between 48 and 60.

Magically, however, almost the instant we crossed the British Columbia border, it started raining. Also the wind picked up and the temperature started dropping. By the time we pulled into an RV park, it was 38 and extremely windy with gusts that we figured at 40+ mph.

It was a very pleasant drive. The Alberta countryside is either agricultural or densely forested. The potential for spectacular beauty is obvious - but not in mid-April.

We’re spending the night at the Northern Lights RV Park. It is a neat park just outside of Dawson Creek, overlooking the town. We were being buffeted with some pretty strong winds which indicate some sort of weather front approaching.

We opted to go out to eat to sort of re-live our passing through Dawson Creek in 2004. This is the pub that we enjoyed during our first trip to Alaska in 2004. It was equally pleasant this time with the proverbial hockey game on 5 TVs. It is the playoffs.

Dawson Creek does have its fair share of chain restaurants, but this one was perfect. We’ll return to the “Mile 0” marker in the morning for the photo-op.