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Colorado Springs to Cooper Landing, AK - 2011

It's 2011 and we chose to take a western route to return Cooper Landing, AK. Our primary objective was to avoid the risk of the snow we encountered in 2009. We figured that we would take the Cassiar route but opted to follow the Peace River due to Cassiar conditions.

The major change for this year was the addition of a 50 gallon auxiliary fuel tank in the Ram. It is an awesome design from Transfer Flow in California that automatically pumps fuel as the that main tank (35 gallons) is depleted. We had a bit of a challenge tracking down the appropriate design since our truck has a short bed with a 5th wheel hitch in the middle. This tank fits comfortably in the bed with no turning radius issues at all.

We ended up going via a westerly route through BC along the Peace River. This is the route that we returned on in 2009. We encountered a couple of fairly high passes that caused us grief on the Alaska Highway way to Alaska in 2009 but the weather was great and presented no issues. The Dodge Ram remained amazing.

The trip from Colorado Springs to Cooper Landing took 4000 miles. We tried to average about 300 miles a day when we were on the road. We did stop "to smell the roses" on the way as well.

Our Route:

Colorado to Lynden, WA and then to Alaska via the Peace River Route
A. Colorado Springs,
B. Grand Junction
C. Draper, UT
D. Boise, ID
E. Prosser, WA
F. McLeese Lake, BC
G. Chetwynd
H. Fort Nelson
I. Watson Lake, YT,
J. Whitehorse, YT
K. Tok, AK
L. Anchorage, AK
M. Cooper Landing, AK
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We also bought chains. Of course our goal was the never use them, but our 2009 trip deemed them a critical necessity.

Our photography and video equipment was tuned, charged and ready. We also have a potential solution for our computer equipment clutter. Thanks to a visit to The Container Store, we found a simple and significant improvement in our wire kluge.

Please check out our journals to share "The Last Frontier" experience.

Alaska Visitors

We were lucky to have some outsiders (Alaskan term for lower 48 folks) stopping by for Cooper Landing visits this summer.

  • Some friends from Monument, CO (Bobbie, Mike and Fred) stopped by in June and we shared several great experiences.
  • Geoffrey and Colette came up and spent several days in Homer. We also had several great visits with them.
  • Andi, Ellie and Sammie joined us as well and we had a great time with them.

We've also got some friends around Alaska that we are anxious to see as well.
  • From Wasilla - Jonathan and Kim (In fact we shared in their incredible wedding in Wasilla)
  • From Anchorage, we got to see Nic, Jolie and Hope

Our Bighorn Poster

In 2010 the Bighorn folks at Heartland used our 2009 Alaska trip to create this marketing poster. We ran into it while visiting the Colorado RV show in January.
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To download the full-size poster as a PDF - click on the poster image.