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A Bit More

We have continued our leisurely pace of getting ready to leave. We’ve started bringing goodies down to the freezer (which survived the winter’s rest). The fridge also started up in fine shape as well.

We’ve even got a few clothes, a high quality Epson printer and the sewing machine in the camper. We could easily be ready in a day if push came to shove.

Today we ran a hose the 150 yards down to the RV and hooked up water. The faucets and toilet all spit out the pink anti-freeze and appear to be fine. Got to get back there and ensure that no subtle leaks pop up. We also need to put some water in the holding tank to test the pump. Also - along the water topic - the hot water tank is ready to be tested now that it should be full. That will be a task for later today or tomorrow.

Just turned the water heater on with a bit of a user glitch. There MUST be water in the tank. The water was turned on so therefore... After turning the heater on, I felt uncomfortable about the water status so I loosened the plug to see if there was a water level in the tank. It was still empty. I shut the heat off, reinstalled the plug and, after a minute of trouble-shooting, discovered that the winterizing bypass levers were still on. This prevents water (with anti-freeze) from going into the tank. I flipped the levers and you could hear the water rushing into the tank. I restarted the heat on the tank and we now should be in business.

We expect a bunch of folks this week-end. Geoffrey and Colette are arriving momentarily, Andi, Ellie and Sammie are coming tomorrow, Greg, Gwenan, George and Vera will be joining us on Saturday along with Doug, Catherine, Luke and Liam. In theory they will be here to help with the finishing touches, but it will probably be a lot of socializing and good-byeing since we’re in such good prep shape due to the perfect weather.

We’ve done a bunch of administrative stuff like broadband, satellite TV, etc cancellations. We are going to try an experiment with TV. We are going to attempt to use the internet to provide all our TV needs. All the shows that we enjoy are available for replay on a variety of sites. We’re going to use
BOXEE on our obsolete Windows laptop as I described earlier. So our first Cooper Landing concern is getting an adequate internet access.