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A Successful Week

  • The Break Release Switch: On Tuesday, we rewired the switch and connected the truck to supply the switch with current to charge the internal switch battery. After about 30 minutes, we inserted the lanyard into the switch and all appears fine. We’ll verify the apparent success when we are ready to move the RV.
  • Denver RV and Boat show: On Thursday, we look a ride to Denver to attend the Denver RV and Boat show. The show was well attended and there was a plethora of booths and RVs to visit. We were surprised to see booths representing the fishing village from which Maureen caught her halibut - Ninilchik and Fairbanks
    • rib-o-lator-by-lake
      The “Auspit: This was one of the more clever offerings. This was a device that provides a way to easily BBQ over an open pit fire with a rotisserie. It also has several optional attachments. There is even an item called the trough that contains charcoal that could be used in lieu of the fire pit. Please take a look at it. Even if you don’t need one, it’s fun to see the ingenuity.
    • Ultimate Camp Cooking: Pat Mac and Mike Faverman provided very entertaining, matt-and-pat-2
      informative and tasty 45 minutes. The session ended with a sampling of their efforts. All 3 easy recipes proved to be excellent. They were great fun and we broke down and got their camping cookbook which is a serious departure from the typical camping fare.