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More Done

The most challenging project on our list was to solve the TV Wall Mount issue. Last summer we drove over a large rock and found the flat-screen TV dangling from the TV Mount. After attaching some bungee cords and other straps, we developed a makeshift temporary solution to the suspect TV support.
dscf0402-2 tv-mount-repair

Assisted by Dimas Nunez, we finally took the time to determine the extent of the damage to the brace to which the mount was connected. In order to accomplish this we had to remove a panel and rebuild and enhance the frame system. We are comfortable that the TV Mount can now withstand a 7.9 Earthquake. Actually the roads to Cooper Landing have proven to be quite good except for about 100 miles just prior to the Alaska border.

On Thursday, we repaired the wiring for the breakaway switch. Although it was a bit uncomfortable (had to scrunch over), the repairs were pretty straightforward. First the junction box had to be anchored more securely. It was the movement of the box that actually cut the wire (the blue one) that provided power for the breakaway switch as we we returning from Maine. Once the box was anchored, it was an easy task to splice and secure the blue wire to enable the breakaway switch.

After doing a few odds and ends in the RV, we decided to tackle the first drawer. We only had the materials for one drawer at this time. After a couple of false starts (we don’t have a lot of experience at this stuff), we finally got the box component of the drawer completed except for cosmetics. As soon as the cosmetics are completed, we will finish adding the drawer slide and install them. Prediction - we’ll have 2 drawers done and installed by Wed of next week.

The weather for the next week looks perfect so we anticipate to be in great shape by the end of the month.