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Leg 1 - Colorado Springs to Grand Junction, CO

We got on the road at 10:30. The hook up and departure went very well. We did have some last minute tasks that delayed us a bit, but we made it to our Grand Junction, CO destination with no problem but with some dreaded snow along the way.

We left under a perfect sky and pleasant temperatures. Our route took us north on I25 to C470 and then I70. Once we reached I70, we were faced with two challenging peaks with Eisenhower at 11,300 ft and Vail at 10,600 ft. Sounds like a nice warmup for our truck.

We were taken aback when we encountered some snow showers as we approached Eisenhower tunnel. They were frustrating but not challenging since the temperature hovered around 34° and the showers were non=threatening. We crossed the continental divide into Summit County with no issues.

Vail pass was a more challenging situation, however. By the time we reached the summit, it was snowing big time and the road was wet. The temperature hovered in the 20s. This isn’t what we anticipated. We made the crossing with no incidents.

The run to Grand Junction we a piece of cake. It is truly an incredible drive along the Eagle River and on one of the most amazing highway in the world. The engineering is awesome. And on top of that, the temperature was 70° when we arrived.

We arrived at Junction West RV Park at 4:45 and we set up by 5:15. We were ready to stop and the park is very nice.

Tomorrow we intend to stop in the Salt Lake City area.