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Week ending May 14

This week was primarily a week of work and stories. Maureen worked Tuesday through Friday 7:30 to 3:15 and I worked Sunday through Thursday 3:15 to 11. We will get to a fairly synchronized schedule when shuttling start in ernest in mid-June. Until then we will have to deal with some shift challenges due to a couple of girls from Taiwan being unable to join us.

Ko Ting and Xanthe were scheduled to arrive on the 9th from Taiwan but were unable to join us at the last minute. We were looking forward to seeing and working with Ko Ting since we had worked with her in 2009. But it was not to be. This left Heather and Cheryle with some last second scheduling challenges and resulted in the whole crew having to be mixed and matched at the store. All were very willing and happy to help out. They’re anxiously looking for replacements to resolve the shortfall.

Story 1: One of the locals who joins us almost every morning was driving along the Sterling Highway on the first day of moose hunting season. He glanced ahead and noticed a small traffic jam as a tourist bus and several other vehicles were stopped to admire the large moose in a small meadow next to the road. Our friend comes to a stop, grabs his rifle and says to the gawkers, “you’d better block your ears”. He then proceeds to drop the moose.

Before getting too horrified, understand that the moose had to have a 50” rack so it was an older male. It would provide our friend and his family prized meat for many months.

Working evenings did provide me with the opportunity to get some needed exercise. Angus and I were able to get out every day for up to an hour. This is slightly challenging since there are no walking paths, but the side roads, although hilly, are not too busy and very comfortable for man and dog.

Story 2: The same guy also told us about an interesting spring phenomenon that occurs here in Cooper Landing. As the brown bears (grizzlies) leave their dens after a winter’s hibernation, they are quite hungry and the salmon and berries are not available to snack on. One of their sources is to head to a nearby lake in a meadow and sit at the shore digging in the mud. They are looking for (and finding) small frogs which they grab and eat. You can tell when this is happening by noticing fresh holes all along the edge of this small lake.

He had given some detailed directions to the lake and we decided we would try to track it down. We drove to milepost 62, found a parking area and wandered up to the described location. We found the likely lake but no evidence of frog-digging bears. The lake is a bit off the road and will be a challenge to get to but we will give it a shot next week. Th red line is the walk to the lake from the parking lot.

We had the opportunity to attend a birthday party for Shelbe at Jerry and Cheryle’s on Saturday. Shelbe is their grand-daughter with whom we worked last time we were at Wildman’s and have kept in touch with during our year and a half away from Cooper Landing. The party included a BBQ......doesn’t Jerry look comfortable with the tongs and a BBQ grill filled with meat? Oops......where are the gloves?

2q3k2443-2Cheryle, as usual was knee deep in kitchen duties and enjoying every minute of preparing for the guests. Family and close friends showed up and all enjoyed a great BBQ with all the fixin’s!

2q3k2461 Now it was time for Shelbe to open presents......there were several leading up to the big present......and several that had to be held until she opened the “big” present!


The picture on the bottom row on the left shows the gifts that had to be held until she received the car......several friends knew about the present and gave her gift cards so she could buy gas. A great 16th party for a special girl!

The guest have all left and we were invited to sit in the hot did not take George long to go home to get our “gear” and we were in enjoying the wonderful hot water on our sore backs and tired muscles! We had a great time and topped it off with a piece of Maureen’s delicious, first ever coconut cream pie. Jerry, Cheryle, Linda, Pat and other Harley friends think nothing of jumping on the bikes and driving the 125 miles to Eureka, AK for a piece of Coconut Cream pie!

The evening went off almost without a hitch......till Jerry reached over to Cheryle’s plate and took a huge chunk out of her pie! As you see, Cheryle did not take will to that!

Jerry did not much seem to care as he got an extra “chunk” of pie!