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A day in Whitehorse

We chose to forego our plans to go to Skagway due to a truly ugly weather forecast by all the weather services that we follow. We had some important things to accomplish so we weren't horribly disappointed. Also the weather in Whitehorse became sunny and pleasant.

I had to repair a wiring issue that we discovered when we arrived and Maureen had to bake an apple pie. What better reasons could there be for chilling in Whitehorse?

We also met a couple in a Bighorn that we had parked next to. They were full-timers from Wasilla and headed for Washington state. They were fighting some issues with their truck. A sensor had failed on the truck and they were waiting for the part to arrive.

They had made some nice improvements to the RV that we are going to evaluate and copy if it makes sense. The main one was a catalytic furnace that was highly efficient. Additional insulation, and a small lighting change are others that sounded appealing. In fact, they gave us a light fixture that we will use to significantly improve the lighting above the stove.

While grocery shopping, we drove around town and we were amazed there were no "for sale" signs. We were told that there was nothing available in town and if you were lucky you could rent something for $1800/mo. We did however, find this sculpture on someone's from lawn. As you can see it is made entirely of bicycle wheels. One of several sculptures they had on the front lawn.

We ended up having a busy but pleasant day and were ready to get back on the road to Watson Lake in the morning. Oh, did we mention it was windy?
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