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Airdrie, AB (Thurs)

After doing the math and realizing it might be a challenge to find a place to stay and if we did it would be expensive….so we decided to purchase 4 50qt coolers and pack the contents the freezer and any items we would need at home or would spoil before we got back to rescue them.

So after breakfast we bought the coolers and set to packing our salmon and halibut and collecting the items we would need at home and cleaning out the fridge. This process took around 4 hours and was no small task. As we were ready to go into the shop and tell Mark we were on our way to Colorado and would be back when the RV was repaired…..we met him in the parking lot.
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The roaming charges for the phone were outrageous so for the most part we kept the phone off. We forgot to turn it on this am and Mark had tried to phone us. ARRGGGGHHHHH………it turns out that he tried to call us to let us know that the part would be ready on Friday and it would be delivered that pm. He felt that they could work Monday and have us on the road on Tues.

Another decision…….do we go heading out again and try to find a place to stay….or….what???

We decided to ask Mark if we could stay in the RV and, to our pleasant surprise, he said YES! As you might guess we spent the next 3 hours UNPACKING the truck and refilling the freezer….another big task.

After all was said and done and we were satisfied we had the freezer stocked properly and the rest of our items back in their places… I decided to go in and give Mark some salmon as he was doing his best to get us on the road and letting us stay in the camper. After he accepted it and thanked us for the gift he said "I have some good news for you… the part will be here tomorrow (Friday) and they could probably get it repaired and we could possibly be on the road Friday… Sat am at the latest.

As I got back to the camper, there was a gentleman standing by his truck and on the back of it was an axle! He said "I have your axle here….what should I do with it?"

I kept my composure but thought…..I would like it installed on the bottom of the camper!

'nite…..we get to sleep in the camper tonight.

Happy Birthday, Geoffrey!!