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Airdrie, AB to Lethbridge (154 Miles)

Up and at 'em by 7:30AM and preparing the camper for travel and actually for repair. We set out to find a place to get some breakfast and figure out how to kill many, many hours while they repaired the 5th wheel. After breakfast we found a mall and, although we are not shoppers, we did manage to find a bookstore and "kill" several hours there as well as walking the mall.

We then decided to head toward Western Willy and check on the status of the repair. Hmmmm…..need to find something else to do… we had seen a sign for a do it yourself dog wash. Poor Angus spent the summer on a leash and slept in the dirt under the camper and was more than in need of a wash. It seems we did get the top layer of dirt off him and made him more comfortable and when we get home we will get him a proper bath.

Impatience brought us back to the dealership around 1ish and Mark thought it would be around 3 before the RV would be ready. So we settled in their waiting room for the completion of the repairs.

Around 2:15pm we had 4 wheels on the camper as well as a new electrical component (which had also gotten damaged and potentially presented a serious problem) and were pronounced ready to continue the journey to Colorado.

What a strange wonderful feeling…..4 wheels and brakes!

It made us think again how lucky we were with the problem we had with the wheel. We could have lost the shell on the Alaska Highway with no way to communicate with the world and no services. We were frequently hundreds of miles from civilization while Airdrie just happens to be an RV mecca and had many RV dealers.

We can only hope it did not put anyone else in jeopardy with the bouncing, out-of-control wheel. We retraced our travels looking for the wheel for at least 10 miles and we did not find any trace of it. Although we did this several times and Dave from Canadian Tire and the tow truck driver did the same none of us ever spotted it. We thought it was so awesome that the 2 gentlemen would take the time to look for the tire and very appreciated and unexpected. We have no idea of how long we were traveling on 3 wheels. This we decided, really speaks well of our Ram 3500!
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