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Dawson Creek, BC to Edmonton, AB (360 Miles)

We're in Edmonton. After a 360 mile drive that took from 8:45 AM (BC time) to 5:15 PM (Alberta time). We now have entered the Mountain Time Zone……2 hours earlier than Alaska and back to Colorado time zone. The change took place about 26 miles outside of Dawson Creek which was near the Alberta border.

The weather was threatening as we left Dawson Creek with a few sprinkles and the temperature was a brisk 43º but the outlook for the drive was good. At 11:30 we entered cloudless skies and the temperature started rising in a hurry. By the time we arrived in Edmonton, it was 73º. As you may imagine, this felt like the tropics since we can't recall a day this summer that we reached the lofty 70's.
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Today's drive took us in a southeast direction The trees are a few days before peak color but are still gorgeous. We drove through lots of agriculture and, by far, the most towns and cities since April on our way to Alaska.

Another interesting phenomenon occurred as well. The truck mileage (pulling a 38' RV at close to 16,000 lbs) has been averaging around 11.7 MPG. This is very satisfactory when compared to many other tow vehicles and is significantly better than the 8 MPG that those big Class A motorhomes are getting. Today we pulled into Glowing Embers RV Park with a lofty 12.7 MPG. Our first inclination was to attribute the increase to a gradual drop in elevation. But that was not the reason since we actually climbed a bit. Wind could have also helped but that was not the case. We believe that the answer lies in the highway improvements (much smoother) and less strenuous climbing. Whatever the reason, we are grateful.

Also we've found the diesel prices very pleasant. They've dropped to $4.20 per gallon. Up here they price it by the liter like 112.9 per liter. Thank you Google for finding that conversion.

We're going to relax couple of days to take care of a few issues and get caught up on some journal related projects. We will also go to the West Edmonton Mall for the best oriental grocery store the we've ever seen. We will also go to a serious RV parts and accessories store. They take their RVing very seriously here.

We'll also luxuriate in the toasty climate of Edmonton. We suspect that isn't a common thought.