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Edmonton, AB to Airdrie, AB (168 Miles)

Well, this was going to be an easy day with a quick drive to Calgary. It appeared that we were on plan when about 13 km before Calgary a car pulled up beside us and the passenger was frantically waving and pointing to the wheel area on the camper. George looked in his outside mirror and saw the RV skirt flapping in wind and immediately pulled over onto the shoulder.

When we got out, lo and behold…..we were missing the wheel! Not just the tire but the entire assembly. We limped along the highway to the next exit which was about 8 km down the road. Fortunately there was a Canadian Tire (a big box department store) and we were able to park in their lot.

We went into the store to explain our predicament and the manager could not have been nicer! She took me to the automotive department and introduced me to Dave the manager who could not do enough to try to help. He could not repair the damage but came out to see what the damage was and to talk to the 2 tow truck drivers.

The decision was made that we would not make a decision that night but re-evaluate the situation in the morning. They suggested that maybe the RV dealer might have a way to transport us to their lot.

So we settled in for the night in the camper in Canadian Tire's parking lot.
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We called our road side assistance and they responded immediately and 2 hrs later they sent an 80 ft truck to take us to the RV dealer. As it turned out, he needed a 2nd truck to get us on the bed of the truck. As it turns out, just as the other tow truck arrived, he told us that the roadside assistance company would not pay for the second truck. It seems his truck was going to be $,1000.00 and to get it on that one we needed the 2nd at ?$?/hr and it would take 4 hours at another $200/hr. We also discovered that the RV dealership was on the other side of the highway…..maybe 1.5 mi from where we were parked. In fact, had we known, we could have turned left instead of right and had been able to drive right into their lot!